A nightguard is commonly used to help prevent possible tooth damage due to grinding and clenching of the teeth at night. A mouthguard is often used for sports and other activities that could potentially damage teeth.

Dental Mouthguard from Primary Dental in Denver ColoradoMouthguards

Your dentist at Primary Dental can create a special mouth protector just for you. A custom mouthguard made by your dentist is much more effective than the “boil-and-bite” type sold in the store.

Mouthguards are commonly made for adults and children who are involved in contact sports (such as football and rugby) and other recreational activities that pose a risk of injury to the mouth. These mouth protectors offer a level of protection during such activities to prevent dental trauma such as fractured teeth. Mouthguards are an especially common preventive measure for patients with braces.


A nightguard can be beneficial for patients diagnosed with bruxism (excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching, typically happening during sleep). These are recommended as a way to prevent the risk of tooth erosion and pain resulting from teeth grinding at night. Your dentist can assist you in determining which of the various nightguard options are best for you. Nightguards vary in thickness and materials, depending on the intensity of teeth grinding, and are custom-made for each patient for a proper and comfortable fit. Daytime guards are also available for patients whose bruxism is not limited to night time.

If you think you may need a nightguard or mouthguard, contact Primary Dental to schedule an appointment.