5 Tips for People With Braces

Getting braces is a big commitment! In both time and money. Therefore, it is well worth your time and effort to do everything you can to help your Wheat Ridge orthodontist, at Primary Dental, achieve the best outcome hoped for. During the course of your treatment you will have regularly scheduled visits to the orthodontist for adjustments and monitoring of your progress. There are several things you can do to help get the most out of your treatment.


An orthodontist is a specialized area of dentistry. This means that the orthodontist only deals with braces. The orthodontist does not check for any other oral problems. Your regular dentist is your primary oral health care provider and should be seen regularly. 6 month exams will be to check for and decay or gum disease, checking existing restorations and addressing any problems before they get worse.

kid with braces wheat ridge orthodontist2- HAVE REGULAR DENTAL CLEANINGS

It is nearly impossible to completely remove all of the plaque, stains and tartar that accumulates when you have brackets and wires on your teeth. If this build up is allowed to remain on your teeth it can cause gingivitis and can demineralize your teeth, especially around the brackets where most of the plaque builds up. A professional cleaning will remove this plaque and tartar much more thoroughly than you can do alone at home.
While your braces are on it is worth scheduling that professional cleaning with your hygienist every 3 months.


Unhealthy teeth and gums can slow down your orthodontic treatment. Poor oral hygiene can cause infection which in turn will slow down the moving of your teeth. Swollen and infected gum tissues will inhibit your orthodontists ability to work on you. If the infection in your gums becomes too severe, it may be necessary to remove the brackets and get the infection under control before continuing with orthodontic treatment. Taking the time to brush and floss your teeth everyday is necessary for proper orthodontic treatment. There are different tools that can help with flossing, which can be quite difficult to accomplish with braces on your teeth.


Orthodontic treatment is a partnership between you and your orthodontist. Your orthodontist designs a treatment plan specifically for you with a time frame in mind. At each appointment the orthodontist will make any adjustments needed to keep your treatment moving forward. If you miss your scheduled appointments these adjustments will be delayed until the next appointment. This will also delay and can affect the final results of your treatment. Part of your treatment plan is the assumption that you will be at each scheduled appointment.


Chewing and eating hard or sticky foods can cause your wires to bend and your brackets to break off of your teeth. If your wires and brackets are always broken, your teeth will not move. This will obviously delay your treatment. It will also add unexpected time to your appointments as the orthodontist will have to repair the damage. It is also important to wear the rubber bands, or elastics, as instructed. The elastics provide the right forces required to move your teeth in a certain way. This is part of your treatment and if you do not wear them as instructed you will prolong your treatment.

As stated at the beginning of this article, braces are a big commitment. But the end results are worth it. Contact Primary Dental to schedule a consultation.